With an international network of partners, suppliers and collaborators, Spectrum Engineering offers engineering with a high attention to detail, an appreciation for design, and an emphasis on functionality. Indeed, quality and durability are the fundamental aspects of our daily endeavours. The partners and suppliers we solicit to serve you, are the best in their fields, thus helping to make us the best in ours. With Spectrum Engineering, high quality materials are guaranteed. Durability, sustainability and compliance with local attributes such as heat levels and environmental changes are all aspects that we consider while making decisions regarding your property. Spectrum Engineering chooses only the best for you.

Cladding and Paints: Using only the best materials that the market has to offer, wall finishings are completed with utmost care and ultimate reliability, with styles that perfectly match your taste.

Wooden Floors: Wood floors that create a warm and comfortable atmosphere that makes you instantly feel at home.

Tiles: Floor tiles that inspire you with their beautiful designs and sustainability.

Marble: Setting trends with beautiful designs, as well as durable and long-living materials.

Doors: A full range of high quality internal and external doors are available to perfectly meet your needs. Depending on the function of the doors, materials include hardwood, oak veneer, pine, glazed and panel doors.

Boilers: Whether in the attic or the cellar, the ideal solution for every situation is available. Through wall mounted condensing boilers and floor standing boilers, an economical and efficient solution is tailored to you.

Heat Exchangers: Combining high craftsmanship, high-tech production along with aesthetic materials result in the high-quality heat exchangers we use. A true synergy of durability and high levels of performance is what you get.

Heating and Cooling Systems: The heating and cooling systems used are tested vigorously to ensure quality, durability, high-efficiency and comfort. With innovative engineering of ducts, you won’t even notice its there.

Radiators and Towel Heaters: By soliciting one of the world’s leading manufacturers of shower enclosures and heating technology products, the highest quality possible is ensured and a comfortable aspect is added to your property.

Gas Fires: Safe, classical and simply beautiful, gas fires complement any area they are installed in. Ensured safety and functionality with the exclusive gas fires we use make you feel at home everywhere.

Showers and Mixers: Products that combine functionality, aesthetics and emotion in equal doses.

Bathroom Appliances and Tiles: Versatile and attractive pieces for your property.

Porcelain Tiles and Mosaics Pools: Swimming pool tiles that combine safety with durability and beautiful designs.

Central Vacuum Systems: An excellent way to complement your home or supplement your business, in an innovative and healthy manner.

Pool Products: Reinventing pool experiences with innovation, energy-efficiency and reliability.