As highly experienced turn-key contractors with superior finishing quality, Spectrum never fails to impress. We seek to offer nothing but the best in both our products and the services that we offer, giving you the highest possible quality. Spectrum has worked on a variety of projects, including both interior and exterior projects, as well as commercial ones. Our company was heavily involved in the construction and finishing of many Pyramid Hills households in both Phase I and Phase II, and has also worked on projects in SODIC, Gardenia and Royal City.


Using its lengthy experience in construction engineering, Spectrum worked on a variety of projects in Pyramid Hills Phases I and II. We’ve also worked on projects in Sodic, Royal City, and Gardenia.


With a particular attention to detail, Spectrum has intricately constructed a variety of beautifully designed, highly functional homes that range from modern to classic and include a variety of features, materials and technologies.


Spectrum has also taken up some commercial projects, including Shaolin and The Chef, when they opened in Pyramid Hills. Spectrum also designed their replacement, Pier 88, along with the Gocom administrative building.